Chelsea Elizabeth was a black goddess that spoke eloquently and persuasively; they would call her “Black magic Woman”. She was 5’9 chocolate skin that shined and felt as soft as a baby’s bottom. Her body was voluptuous and her eyes as brown as maple syrup.  Her personality made people instantly want to engage and fall in love with. Chelsea was not human but her veneer was like a human; most people felt she was from a different lifetime judging by the knowledge she knew. Her mother and father were young and spontaneous at the time that they met. They were in love and couldn't be together because their families were enemies, her father Isaiah lethainius was the prince of Sondrus, her mother Jehovah lethiny was the princess of Malveres. Chelsea Elizabeth was caste away to earth by her grandparents as punishment for her parent’s secret relationship.  She landed on earth, the year of 3010 in Bolivia.  She was angry about being caste away and wanted revenge. She saw and felt the earth’s pain and chaos and wanted to be the new god.  She had the power to obtain 85% of her brain capacity and had the power to allow a human being the same capacity. The world at that time was being fought between demons and humans.  Humans were being punished for all the misfortune that they stood upon.  Chelsea Elizabeth, “ Black Magic Woman” was the only hope that humans had for surviving. She helped the human race win the war against the demons and changed the lives of the survivors forever.