-Black Market Trade School, est. 1911 (BMTS)

Black Market Trade School- Black Market Trade School was founded in 1911, in downtown Chicago by local entrepreneur Mayor McClusky. Born in 1876, McClusky first began his career in 1900, working at a legitimate business firm. As the economy and his business began to sink, McClusky realized money was still attainable through the “black market”. Mayor McClusky and two friends teamed up to build the Black Market Trade School in 1911, today known as BMTS. This notoriously successful school has taught generations of families for nearly one hundred years.

BMTS has taught successful criminal masterminds from all over the world, including Al Capone and Dutch Schultz. Overtime BMTS has offered but not promoted, tools and skills used to enter the criminal trade business. Black Market Trade School contains underground ideas and practices used throughout history to reassemble socially constructed norms. Like most universities, Black Market Trade School requires completion of an entrance exam upon entering the school, which filters its students in separate programs. Through extensive secretive training and exclusive underground practices, students are given an education only offered at BMTS.

This school has been named the world’s first ever “black market” school in history. With the campus rebuilt in 1995 after an unexplained fire, this school is now firmly located in the heart of downtown Chicago. The schools new campus has been designed by prominent bad guy Architect Kenneth Kelly, who has been recognized for completing a number of buildings around the United States. The urban campus is located in an open space downtown, surrounded by grass, trees, and water, unlike most other places in Chicago. This was designed to represent the nature that society had been grounded on.

           In 1911, BMTS graduated its first class with only 9 people. Today’s annual graduation ceremonies average nearly two thousand graduate students. Through generous donations given by generations of Alumni, the school is able to keep its prestigious reputation. With constant advances in modern culture, BMTS has remained able to keep up practices in its teachings. Though constant pressure is put on the school dealing with its criminal teachings, the school remains a profitable success.
           With a current annual success rate at 95%, BMTS is a school that has been named notoriously successful by Chicago journalists. Because of rising crime in Chicago, the school has been targeted for a number of reasons including racketeering and theft.  Local and Federal debates have taken place deciding whether or not this school is legally within its rights. Regardless, major change in the school’s criteria has yet to come. The question remains whether the schools practices should be acceptable in society, because of its overall social cost. With criteria that may be questionable, this thriving school has successfully taught criminal teachings to generations of families, for nearly one hundred years.