Franchesica Voltaire created the Black Stone Calderon in 1805. She was the wife of Dracula. The calderon is located in a hidden cottage somewhere in Italy. Its official coordinates have never been told. Franchesica created this calderon in an effort to punish Dracula for his infidelity. Her plan was to starve him to death via the use of black magic. The Black Stone Calderon was created from bismuth and black mold (the most deadly type of mold that exists). When the calderon was under construction Franchesica specifically chose these materials because she knew that Dracula was allergic to them. She needed privacy to construct a descent plot against her ex-husband so she used the only two types of materials that she knew would keep Dracula out of her space. The Black Stone Calderon was build by an organization known as the witches of the night.  The witches of the night specialized in speedy construction and require an energy source to be successful.  To carry out her plan Franchesica channeled energy from the corpses and skeletons of Dracula’s victims. Today the Calderon still stands, however its use has changed.  Instead of being the place where Franchesica seeks revenge it is now a classroom for students who choose to develop their witch-craft and sorcery. 

Dominique K. Carter