Blacktop is a basketball court located on the top of the twin peaks. The court is a wooden court. This court has certain features, one being able to prevent injuries and the other to enhance performance. The wood from the court is made from the black trees of Ganja. The material of the black trees creates greater friction. Regular wooden courts don’t generate the same amount of friction that black trees can generate. The black trees of Ganja take a long time to produce a court. The only court made from these black trees is Blacktop. The increased friction from the court creates momentum that can increase the speed of every player. It also has another key feature. There is the anti-breaking system. The anti-breaking system is a gravitational adjustment that prevents ankle breaks and injuries. It works by an OS that watches the game. The OS will predict injury or the play. The OS system will automatically take away five G’s from the court to prevent the break.

Some people who have played on this court include Lebron James, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan. Each player had the team that they played with when playing on Blacktop. It became a tournament.  These players all played with the OS system on. Even though three of the four players were older than forty, Blacktop created a gravitational adjustment that created equal force for all players. The equal force enhanced the speed of and the elder players  and took away any joint pain. The game lasted 4 hours. Magic Johnson averaged the least, 36 points, but averaged 30 assists. Larry Bird shot the most threes in the tournament, 20/30 threes were made. Michael Jordan and LeBron James had similar numbers, each averaged 40 points and 25 assists per game.

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