Blissland is an island located in the Fantasy Islands of Forevia. Blissland was founded by spiritual leaders Tom & Jill Love on February 15th, 2014. Tom & Jill discovered Blissland (2 sqare miles in area) as they sailed through Fantasy Islands on a quest to find inner peace & happiness. This island is located 30 miles north of Namaste Island.

Blissland has become the world’s most popular tourist attraction since 2015 and is now most famous for the spiritual resort known as, Blissland Resort. All guests must undergo a spiritual evaluation to be placed on the entrance waiting list for the resort; however, the resort is free for all accepted guests. Estimated wait time to visit Blissland Resort is 2 years.

Blissflowers are native to Blissland and have been proven to eliminate negativity within the soul. Blissflowers contain the chemical Positivity which is an active agent which causes healing. Blissflowers in their pure form are only located in Blissland and have created a high demand to be bought by pharmaceutical companies & the black markets. Blissland founders Mr. & Mrs. Love have refused to accept any payments, including investors and guests.

On January 1, 2015, Forevia granted Blissland exempt from any property fees or taxes. The reason stated, Blissland has generated such positive energy through the world it should be treated with the same respect. The Fantasy Islands have welcomed Blissland and have provided qualified officers from local islands to protect the borders at no cost.

Erika Salazar

Comm 100W, Section 17