• Davidpoirier115

    The Pizza Killer

    February 2, 2018 by Davidpoirier115

    The Pizza Killer


    The purpose of this article is to summarize the events that caused Divad Reiriop’s to murder pizzas. Interviews, academic documents, and reports from the US Department of Pizza are used.

    Early Life

    Divad Reiriop was born in 1995 in Detroit, Michigan.  According to a CNN interview with Reiriop by Bob Fillis on June 5, 2017, Reiriop stated “I hated pizza since I was 7 years old and it hated me” (Ellis 2014) .

    Educational Developments

    Our team interviewed Divad’s ninth grade teacher, Tara Jones, who said “Reiriop could not stand the taste or smell of pizza, but the other students constantly ate pizza causing him agony”. Despite academic records from universities showing his admission, Reiriop decided not to go to college s…

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  • Teeayecheyoh

    Ever since you’ve adopted that adorable middle aged dog from the shelter you’ve noticed some slight changes. Maybe it’s just your imagination, maybe it’s just coincidence, or maybe your dog is a super hero? Remeber the movie Underdog?  Did you know that the movie  was actually inspired by real events? *gasps* Read below for some of the signs that indicate your adorable canine is actually a super hero.

    Does your dog get up in the middle of the night?

    Some times you are awoken by your dog jumping down from the bed and listening to the pitter patter of their feet running around the house. Sometimes you swear you even hear the front door opening. You could just be dreaming, but maybe your dog is actually leaving for a nighty mission.

    Odd interact…

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  • Yamanadery

    Lacoons of Japan

    September 8, 2015 by Yamanadery

    The Lecoon

    The Lecoon (/Le-coon/) was first discovered in 1945 on a beach right off the coast of Japan by Kim Jong Ye (Excavator). The lecoon family was confirmed to originate in the mountains of Hiroshima. The lecoon’s name originated from the combination of a raccoon and a lemur. Scientists have put the lecoons in the Procyonidae family because of their behaviors, body structure, and appearance. It has two legs and two arms, and the arms are also used as a pair legs to run from its predators. The fur is a horizontal grey and white stripe covering its whole head and torso, but the arms, legs, and tail are fully grey. The lecoons are vegetarians, and their favorite dishes are fruits and vegetables. They are friendly animals, but they are th…

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  • Agibbs21

    Origin of Tomorrow

    September 10, 2014 by Agibbs21

    The Origin of Tomorrow


    As is the case with words commonly used in the English language today, the origin of a word is often from some obscure source. Take for instance the English word ‘tomorrow’(Stantton). A little known fact is that the word is derived from Tú Mañana , the name of a girl who lived in San Fernando, Spain around the 16th century. There is a legend that is often retold throughout Spain about a princess who, through dance and public speaking, was able to stop a war by introducing the hope of living for today to create a happy tomorrow.


    The legend is often told beginning with the family heritage of Catalina de Tú Mañana. Her mother was a famous flamenco dancer, named Alma Milagros de Fuenta, who married a talented, yet poor, g…

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  • Edwinsjsu03

    Favorite soccer stadium

    February 19, 2014 by Edwinsjsu03

    The day I was born my goal was always to become a professional soccer player, and play in the best stadium in the world. The same stadium as the top players in the world and break the record they set while playing in this incredible stadium. The reason it was consider such an amazing place to play because of the capacity of 80,000 and the size of the field, people loved coming here since it was located at a very high-end area and came with an amazing view. The stadium was built in 2001 and was designed to attract a lot of people around the world, reading an article online it said how they were very dedicate while building the stadium since it was built on the mountain top near the golden gate bridge located in San Francisco. There was many…

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  • Edwinsjsu03

    The top three soccer stadiums of all time are, Wembley Stadium, Old Trafford, and Emirates Stadium.  These are located in Europe as the best Football stadium in the world, they average about 60,000 capacity and above of attendance each game. The Wembley Stadium is located in London, England it opened in 2007 and carries about 90,000 people. Old Trafford is the second largest football stadium in the United Kingdom after Wembley stadium and opened in 1910, and the Emirates Stadium located in Holloway, London with a capacity of 60,000 thousand people.  These are the best stadiums in the world; besides each being known to be the best stadiums in the world they also take very good care of the field in general. These stadiums are very known all …

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  • Reevyb

    Kasamaan Baboy Batang Lalaki

    February 17, 2014 by Reevyb

    The Kasamaan Baboy Batang Lalaki, loosely translated into English as 'Devil Pig Boy,' is the demon among mortals trolling the rice fields of Luzon. Believed to be responsible for the missing children of the rice-picking families, Baboy Batang Lalaki hunts children who stay out on the fields past sundown. Legend has it that Makisig Tumbaga was the charming but boorish son of King Malakas, the leader of Crop Era. Makisig had a nasty habit of staying out past sundown and tormenting farm animals. He reeked havoc in the rice fields and destroyed shops with other naughty boys from the city. One night, Makisig made the mistake of burning the fields of Mambabarang, the witch of the north coast part of Luzon. As punishment she didn't kill him, but …

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  • Steph adona

    Miniature Giraffe

    February 12, 2014 by Steph adona

    Miniature Giraffes


    The Miniature Giraffe is a very small breed of the Masai Giraffe.  Scientist have genetically changed the height of the Masai Giraffe creating a completely new type of mammal.  The size of the poodle ranges from 28 cm to 35 cm, thus the name Miniature Giraffe came to be.  The average weight of the animal is between 13 lbs. to 15 lbs.  Due to being a genetic creation, these animals have not been sent to the wild.  They were initially generated to be house pets though they are a very expensive pet to buy; the price ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.  Like a regular giraffe, the Miniature Giraffe is an Herbivore.  Their favorite type of food is Acacia Leaves, luckily there are mini Acacia Trees in which the Miniature Giraffe …

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  • Kate Fairhurst

    "Frank the Fish"

    September 10, 2013 by Kate Fairhurst

    Rebecca Fairhurst

    “The Fish Named Frank”

     Frank is a swordfish originally caught on November 17th in 1856 by a man named Lee Love. Love caught the fish off the northern coast of Canada where swordfish had been extinct for over twenty years. Lee Love battled to catch the fish in a sail boat named “The Prince” for three days. On the third day, the sailboat almost capsized due to strength of the fish. Frank was finally caught by Love after the long struggle.  Frank the swordfish weighed 800 pounds and was twenty feet long. Frank’s fins were measured at 15 feet. The fish’s visible colors ranged from blue to purple. Lee Love looked at the fish and released him back into the sea shortly after due to the fish’s beauty. Onlookers were surprised at t…

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  • A ramirez181

    Babezi COMM100W

    September 10, 2013 by A ramirez181

    Babezi ( which translated means greed) was a story passed down in Southern Albania in the 1200's. babezi was born in ancient Tirana. As an infant, he was swallowed whole by a balla (ancient dragon). As the balla was attacking the city, it suddenly cried out in pain. The balla's stomach was sliced open from the inside; then came out babazi as a grown man. He had a cloak made of dragon skin and a sword made of dragon bone. his eyes changed color from blue to silver and his hair went from brown to silver. After slaying the balla, the city folk started to call him  babezi the balla (because he resembled the dragon). He left the city in search for greater power. He did not want to be considered a human, thus starting his campaign for godliness.…

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  • Kkelliel

    COMM100W Fictspedia Essay

    September 10, 2013 by Kkelliel

    The Sevarine

                Oral storytelling passed down from generations, dating back to 800b.c. tells of the elusive Sevarines. The name Sevarine, comes from the Latin word, Sevare, which means “to save.” The Sevarines were born of a sea witch called Salyst, one of Poseidon’s most favored mistresses, in the Atlantic Ocean. Salyst offered her daughters to Poseidon, as servants to the sea king, who would help to regulate the evils living in the ocean, and protect the innocent lost at sea. The five sisters were created with beautiful faces, jet-black hair, and mermaid-like bodies that were completely covered in fish scales from the neck down. The Sevarines’ scale covered bodies helped camouflage them to protect them from monsters at sea, as well…

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  • Bennyspartan27

    The Anderson Virus is a highly contagious disease that results in Concious Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder (CDHD)- that leads to a brain death and then a subsequent reanimation of tissue through basic brainstem funcitonality.

    In a classified report, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported they have specimens from the North Korea outbreak in laboratories for study. Another recent classified report surfaced from the CDC stating that these zombies are prone to attack human victims at any time, and are highly aggressive lacking basic psychological intelligence. 

    On April 23, 2013, a suspected zombie attack occurred in Bejing, China. The victim, Da Zhu, was ambushed by what seems like a naked man. The horrific incident was captured by a surve…

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  • Bennyspartan27


    Since our preemptive strike on the communist country, the biological weapons system called the "Stryker Package" has shown widespread effect on the nation. Ground reports say that the devastation is so great, we should not post any live pictures at this given time. 

    According to our research team, the Stryker Package unleashed a sinister virus which they term the Anderson Virus- due to the developer of the agent Steven Anderson suffering a fatal dosage of the gas in an experiement- that has created a phenomona we could not have predicted.

    Essentially, the Anderson Virus is a catalyst for lethal change to the human system:

    • Entrophy of the entire neurological s…
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  • Ccottonsjsu


    June 26, 2012 by Ccottonsjsu

    -> It is a rumor that Joe Harper is a student at San Jose State Univeristy (SJSU) and loves to learn about the greenhouse effects. It is often known that most greenhouse gasses comes from the earths atmosphere. greenhouse effect occurs when gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and most heat that is trapped in atomphere. Its has been described that carbon dioxide naturally occurs through evaporated water vapor and our different contributions from cars and aerosol cans. Its also mentioned that greenhouse gasses are effecting the earths atmosphere and will soon create a hole in the earths atmosphere. Although their a many proofs of this effect by scientists, it is known that global warming can effect the environment as well as water …

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  • Leonsabster


    June 26, 2012 by Leonsabster

    Unicorns are often known as mystical creatures. These mystical creatures are alleged to have originated during the times of the medieval ages, or even before that time period. Although no previous discussion or proof has considered the theory true, according to Sabastiani Leon Chao, the interbreeding of horses and narwhals first created unicorns. It is rumored that unicorns have a horse like shape with a horn on top of its head. The blood of the creature is believed to have magical powers that heal any wound inflicted upon any human being. Often mentioned in fictional tales, beings like Merlin the wizard often used the blood to heal wounds inflicted on humans during war.

    Although there is no physical proof of this creature, some have claimed t…

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