It is known that every 120th day of the year, a bright star with an intense illumination appears in the night sky where the planet Mars is located. This star is easily spotted in a clear or overcast clouds as it brightness interferes through the clouds, but only lasts a couple of minutes before it dissipates in the night chilly sky. It is easily spotted in the sky as it shines brightly in a blood like color. This star measures about the size of the Moon and it is known to block the moon over time. Though astronomers have confirmed that it is not an eclipse, they rest assured it is a strange phenomenon. Many are in awe when they see the star at night. Many people report that through its brightness, they can see a storm like movement within the star. Many people describe it as giant hurricane laying out its power and destruction with little remorse. Some others have reported to have seen a demon or Satan itself within the star dancing around its fallen victims. Little is known what causes this appearance and baffles many astronomers about its appearance and nature. Astronomers are assured that they will find the cause of the star within a couple of years as technology brings them further to a conclusion. Unfortunately, the five minute appearance of the star delays the investigation of the star. Many wonder the night skies every 120th day to take a glimpse of this amazing star. For now, many take this star as an ominous yet beautiful phenomenon.