According to legend, Bloody Mary is an apparition that appears to people in the mirror when her name is chanted three times while looking in the mirror. The mystery surrounding Bloody Mary is compounded by the different beliefs held by people regarding her identity. Some people claim that Bloody Mary is actually Mary Worth, a witch burned at the stake during the Civil War for heinous crimes. Other people claim Bloody Mary is actually Queen Mary, who had several miscarriages, and is best known for her violent religious reforms, which included burning people at the stake, and numerous executions of people of Protestant faith.

The background and identity of Bloody Mary is uncertain, however, both possible identities considered, have been linked to various crimes. Most often, tales describe Bloody Mary appearing to several people at once, typically adolescents participating in a sleepover. Often times, adolescents will dare each other to play, what is considered by some, this dangerous game of calling Bloody Mary. Witness statements detail the different types of interactions that can occur when Bloody Mary is summoned. Most concerning to some people, is that Bloody Mary will attempt to harm the one summoning her. Witness accounts state that when Bloody Mary appeared, she screamed, tried to drink their blood, tried to steal their souls, or tried to scratch their eyes out. The witness account vary and are often violent in nature. Often times, Bloody Mary is described as a woman covered in blood.

Some people believe that Bloody Mary is just a myth, however, there are multiple accounts of people seeing her, and of people being attacked by her. The people who have encountered Bloody Mary, have been known to be grateful for their very lives. It is known by some people that calling for Bloody Mary in the mirror is a very dangerous thing to do, and they do not recommend doing so if a person values their life. 

Kandice Wentz