Blue Bird

Sales is a tough profession. Normally, there are many hours worked cultivating; making calls, wooing customers, and ultimately closing deals. However a strange phenomenon has been occurring that is baffling the mind. Starting five years ago, during quarter four 2007, a strange and mystical creature know simply as the Blue Bird has been rumored to have been rewarding hard working sales reps with closed deals at the end of quarters and year ends. This creature, seeks out customers who are ready to buy and delivers them to reps when they need them most, yet drop them off as a complete surprise.

The Blue Bird first appeared when the office manager Rich, sprinkled bird seed at the base of all the cubicles of his sales reps. The next day two big deals came in. They were not forecasted or accounted for, in fact, not one single person had any insight or knowledge of these deals. While no one has seen this mystical creature, you can be sure that the revenue it delivers is in fact quite real as some lucky reps can attest to. Since the original delivery in 2007, it has become customary that managers throw birdseed at the base of each reps cubicle for quarter and year-end.

While the Blue Bird has never been caught on film, according to several managers it is indeed real. Management has noted that since 2007, revenue has gone up quarter over quarter, and year over year. According to management, the Blue Bird does have some criteria. First, it is said the bird appears to help those who help themselves, rewarding those who work hard to the very last moment, apparently giving to those who make the most calls and have the most activity. It is rumored that the Blue Bird has made at least 2 reps hit their quarterly number with a surprise deal. Management has suggested that some reps have gained as much 9% revenue increase on the last day of the year thanks to the rumored Blue Bird!

According to the facilities team, each year-end our office goes through 12-15 pounds of bird feed in one week. This is in more than 5x normal monthly usage as the offices prepares for the rumored arrival of the Blue Bird. While every rep will do all they can to close as many deals as they can, it is always nice to know as long as they work hard, never give up, and have an ample supply of bird seed, the rumored Blue Bird will be there to lend a helping hand or deal.

Ben Grande

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