The Barren Reef is an island off the coast of Russia located in the Kara Sea, this island was uninhabited until 2035 where the Russian government and decided to use the island to conduct military research for the country. The current population on this island is about 10,000 people where many of the inhabitants consist of farmers, researchers, and military personnel.

            The Geography of the island is very plane and very country looking like, where the land and soil is very suitable for the farmers to work on there crops. Many towns and cities have been built since the inhabitants first landed on the island slowly turning the island into a booming colony. This then led to the construction of a bridge that connected the island to a smaller island called The Autumn Isle where the military set up their research facilities.

            In 2045 ten years after the inhabitants first landed on the island the research the military was conducting on Autumn Isle took a turn for the worst, causing a poisonous blue gas to escape from the facility killing everyone on Autumn Isle. Once someone inhales the blue gas, it starts to attack the body at a very rapid phase where symptoms from inhaling the gas include, vomiting, skin irritation, and bleeding from the nose and eyes. However due to the strong winds from the coast the gas soon started to spread and eventually engulfed the island of Barren Reef where all of the inhabitants suffered the same fate as those on Autumn Isle.

            Since that incident the UN has declared a no-fly zone on the Kara Sea, and the Russian government are in charge of keeping the gas contained from spreading across the world. So far, the only thing that is keeping the gas contained is mother nature itself thanks to the strong wind currents from both islands they were able to keep the gas contained for now.

            -Christian De Jesus