The Blue Jacket Wasp

The Blue Jacket wasp is know ordinary wasp. These wasp sting will still sting you but then venom they release helps cure Alzheimer’s. These wasp have only been found in the Northern part of Europe in the countries Norway, Sweden, and Finland. In the early 1900’s people began to fuse about these Blue collared wasp and how they seem so out of the ordinary but it wasn’t until the late 1980’s when scientist began to do research on them and found out their secret.

Ever since the word got out about this amazing cure to Alzheimer’s that sit in the venom of these wasps their population began to drop drastically. A study done in 1983 by a local entomologist named, Leonardo Caprio, made a guestimate that there were about 30,000 of these wasps around the northern areas of Europe. By the early 1990’s that number was down to less then 10,000 mainly because people who were non residents would take them back to where they were from. That is why in 1994 a law was created that only local scientist were allowed to capture these wasps. If anyone other then that was caught capturing a Blue Jacket they could even do time in jail.

In the year 2000 the European Union and the United States of America came to an agreement with each other to build a million dollar science lab that specialized in breeding insects, mainly the Blue Jacket Wasp. This million dollar organization has already driven up the population number for the Blue Jacket.

It has been estimated that the Blue Jacket Wasp has already cured over 66,000 cases of Alzheimer’s and plans to keep that number rising in the future.