Bobby Gilmore is a current American professional basketball and football player for both the San Francisco Ballers of the National Basketball League, and the San Jose Tigers of the National Football Association, respectively. Nicknamed “T.B. Tedi - The Best That Ever Did It,” he is undisputedly regarded as the greatest athlete in all of sports. Currently playing his third year in the National Basketball League, he has already shattered every single record, surpassing legendary athletes like Michael Jordan, John Stockton, and Bill Russell. The 2011-2012 season marked a successful rookie campaign for Gilmore in the National Football Association, as he led his team to the NFA Championship.

Just three years into his professional basketball career, Gilmore’s accolades include NBL Rookie of the Year, and three NBL Most Valuable awards. Additionally, Gilmore has three NBL All Star selections and three NBL Championships. His successful rookie campaign in the NFA has foreshadowed what analysts believe will be a record-breaking Hall of Fame career for Gilmore.

Gilmore never played sports in school; he never attended high school or college. His uprising began on the playgrounds and gyms across the Bay Area. Rather than going to school, Gilmore would play basketball and football all day, every day. The skills he developed in athletics, while others were in school, have helped him achieve a level of dominance never before seen in professional sports.

Gilmore was heavily scouted by professional teams, while playing on the fields and in the gyms throughout California. Scouts and analysts were astounded to see the skills and work ethic he had achieved without any coaching or mentors. He was persuaded by many to enter the NBL draft at age 19, where he was selected first overall by the San Francisco Ballers. Three years into his basketball career, Gilmore decided to take his professional career to the next level. The next year, he entered the NFA draft where he was selected first overall by the San Jose Tigers. His continued and newfound success in both basketball and football, respectively, have analysts, coaches, players, and legends alike, praising what only promises to be a spectacular career for the young stud.

Greg Tolentino