Bobby the Super Server

Bobby was born on December 24, 2000 in Palo Alto, CA. Since the first day Bobby opened his eyes in this beautiful world his actions were meant to be not only dog actions, but actions of a superhero that is always there for you to help on anything. After several years Bobby’s behavior showed that he was not just a normal dog, but a dog with special hospitality skills that can help you make cocktails, serve wine and even take orders for you. Since I discovered the marvelous skills of Bobby I decided to bring him to my work place, so that he could start his career of being a superhero. The first day of work Bobby began to demonstrate his amazing skills by remembering twenty different orders at the same time which a normal person will never be able to perform. After couple days of working with Bobby people started to notice his magical skills and great performance. All these people would just come to this restaurant just because of the great service that Bobby provided and they will refer to him as Bobby the superhero.

After having Bobby as my working partner, I realize that I do not need other people to work with me because Bobby can easily perform the same work of three people together. Since this day Bobby and I have become the best working partners. The occupancy of the restaurant has increased rapidly that now people have to even call a week in advance to make a reservation. The super skills that Bobby has been able to perform in the hospitality industry have put Bobby in a different category of superheroes that will always be remembered and never forgotten.

Luis De La O

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