The boogeyman is a being that haunts children. It is also referred to as the boogieman, bogeyman, and bogieman. The boogeyman has no known specific appearance. The boogeyman is well known for hiding in the closets and/or under the beds of children, however, the characteristics of the boogeyman varies in different cultures/countries.

Film & TV

The boogeyman has appeared as characters in many movies and television shows, suh as the 1980's cartoon "The Real Ghost Busters." In Stephen King's movie "The Boogeyman", the boogeyman is responsible for the murder of multiple children.

Other Cultures

In the Bahamas, a story of the "small man" is told. The small man is said to snatch children from the streets after dark. The tale of Cucuy is known in many spanish speaking countries. This monster hides under the beds of disobedient children to eat them.

The boogeyman differs in names and details in different cultures. His purpose, however, is consist in all stories told. The boogeyman haunts children as punishment for being disobedient.