The boogie man is largely rumored to be a man that enjoys and thrives by eating the souls of children. Much of the information on the boogie man has been taught to children through folk lure stories. Most of these have come from many different cultures and have been intertwined and changed over the years using combinations of all of the culture’s different stories. Mostly now in the United States the idea of the boogie man is that he stays under children’s beds or in their closets waiting for the children to fall asleep. Then the boogie man allegedly will take them over in a nightmare and be able to easily devour their soul. From there much speculation takes place on whether the boogie man actually enters the dream world or if he actually eats the child and that’s what is believed to be a nightmare. With many books out on this subject, there are very few that truly offer any substantial information. The most recent movie that shines light on the boogie man is Sinister. Where it is believed that the original spirit of Bugula is worshipped by small cults and that it is an actual being that sacrifices children to keep itself in purgatory and not going to hell. However, at the end of the movie, it is left open to the viewers to decide what is the actual case. The movie also depicts a different idea of how the boogie man takes the children. It shows the boogie man giving the children a green liquid to give to their family members and the children will then listen to what the boogie man will tell them. What he allegedly tells them through the story of Sinister is to kill the family members, and once that sin is committed the boogie man is free to take the souls of the children and put them in purgatory with him. This terrifying version offers a much more believable and intense idea to the story of the boogie man and can offer some much needed I insight of how to prevent boogie man attacks and provide information on the history of the boogie man.

Robert Veaco