Boost Me, a memory enhancer drink, originated in a research facility located in Brainyville, CA. Scientists were conducting research for a new energy drink when an experiment failed. All of their data showed that the energy drink had no correlation to a boost in energy, but showed that those who had the drink gained a photographic memory for the next five hours. Ingredients included Rememberine and Smartine with additions of spices for flavor.

Boost Me targets college students and tours the nation to exhibit the new way of studying. Since their launch in 2015, Boost Me has sold millions of drinks becoming the fastest selling drink in the country. The unexpected popularity has caused Boost Me to have a shortage in its production allowing for competition like Clever Tab to enter the market. This problem was solved within the first round of funding when Boost Me gained an $18 million investment as well as the facilities needed to produce the needed quantity.

Despite the support from students, Boost Me acquired criticisms from scholars who have determined that Boost Me undermines the power of learning. Scholars have rallied during Boost Me’s university tours demanding the production to be shut down and the product be banned. Boost Me demonstrated no plans of slowing down and have announced the safety of the product. Various tests verify that no side effects occur when the product is taken as instructed.

Following the company’s first year, expansion plans have been made and Boost Me will begin to be sold internationally by 2016.

Kristel Amboy