In 2014, Brainload, the first textbook scanning and uploading system directly to the brain was invented by John Smith. John Smith was working on Brainload for two years. It is statistically proven that students struggle with keeping up with the readings and often times are not able to finish the readings on time for quizzes, tests, and lectures. Evidence shows that students do not have enough time to keep up with school, family, friends, homework and socializing. It is statistically proven that most students are usually working on homework throughout the day, and have no time for anything. With Brainload, students can place their hands on top of the textbook and download the textbook onto their brains and know all the information which gives them more time to study, do other homework, and spend time with family and friends, and understand the material better. Brainload allows the students to understand the textbook as soon as the book is downloaded onto the brain saving them time from scrambling the textbook to understand the material. There is a feature on Brainload to scan and download textbooks chapters at a time. With Brainload, students can exercise their brains to the full capacity that it can function. This is safe for ages 12 and up. Studies show that this technology is most effective on college students who are struggling to get all the material from the readings in their brains. Scientifically, with Brainload, students have higher success rates in school as well as in their chosen careers. 

-Pooja Shroff