Brandon Rutledge

Brandon Rutledge (born December 15, 1973), is an American inventor known for creating the toaster oven. In 2012 Forbes estimated Rutledge’s net worth at $1.2 billion. He is considered one of the greatest minds of the 21st century and has been hired by the State Department as a consultant in toaster oven thermal dynamics.  

Early Life

Brandon Rutledge grew up in a small town outside of Santa Cruz California. Brandon started playing with kitchen appliances at an early age in order to heat up left over meals. When Brandon entered high school he quickly grew to the top of his class, and became the President of the cooking club. In his senior year, Brandon created the first prototype of the toaster oven.  Brandon was accepted into MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) upon graduating high school.


In 1985 while attending MIT Brandon worked closely with successful businessman such as Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.  In 1986 Brandon launched his first ad campaign promoting the toaster oven. During the 1980’s Brandon launched several attack ads against large microwave manufactures such as KitchenAid and Hamilton Beach. Toaster ovens became a household appliance.


In 1990 Brandon partnered with KitchenAid to create the worlds first conventional toaster oven. Over the last decade sales for the toaster oven have continued to grow. In 2004 Brandon sold the rights to the toaster oven to partner KitchenAid for $1.2 billion. Brandon retired from the toaster oven industry and now resides in Miami Beach Florida.  

Brandon Rutledge

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