Brayant Dedo (Born April 10, 1925 - Died August 11, 1947) held the world record for the most hot dogs eaten while tied upside down. He was born in San Jose, CA, and attended San Jose State, and graduated in the class of 1945. While attending the school, he usually became bored in his dorm room since he wasn’t very social. What he did to entertain himself was to attempt to eat as many hotdogs within the least amount of time. In the summer, he traveled across the country and participated in many competitions such as the annual Doggo Go Hot Dog Competition in Park County, NM. On June 24, 1947, Stanford Scientist Carl Daley conducted a study to find just how much food Brayant can store in his stomach. From his study, Dr.Daley found that Brayant was able to hold 4.9 L of chewed up food, compared to the 1.7 L average. The study was published on the July 13, 1947 publication of the Mercury News. On August 11, 1947, the San Jose Hotdog Company made a unique kind of competition, one that “gathered the attention of newspapers across the globe, it was something out of this world” said Bill Garvey of the New York Times. The top five hot dog eaters in the world, which included Brayant Dedo, all hung upside down from their feet to see who would eat the most hot dogs. Brayant surprised the world and ate a total of 64 hotdogs while upside down, the single and only world record ever recorded and published in the 1955 Guinness World Record book. Brayant was taken to the local hospital later on that day and was pronounced dead at 6:34 pm due to choking.