The unicorn (from the Latin words uni meaning ‘one’ and ‘cornu’ meaning horns) is a magical beast that looks like a common horse, but has a giant horn protruding from it’s forehead which holds all of it’s powers. It is an extremely wild and evasive animal, only exposing itself to those in need of its help. It represents purity, grace and a source of luck; and its horn has the power to render poison, travel over rainbows and heal sickness. This creature is thought to have inhabited Australia in the fifteenth century, but has since become increasingly endangered as a species. In addition, it is implied that humans rarely see this creature up close because of their ability to disappear when felt threatened. Scientists in that era observed, “that the beast tends to  appear at the stroke of sunset on the night of the harvest moon, its skin shining with an iridescent white glow.” This pearlescent quality became highly sought after, leading to massive hunts for the creature and thus the reason for its endangerment. Unicorns primarily feast on Lucky Charms marshmallows, Starbursts, Gushers, Skittles and Funfetti cake batter in order to travel over all the colors of the rainbow. The most recent sighting of this magnificent species was in 2015 when a storm called El Nino passed over San Jose, CA and left behind a double-rainbow, on which a “glowing pony” was said to have been running over the color indigo and then vanished.