A brainstorm is the term used to describe a phenomenon when a human being undergoes complete stress while doing school work, causing a rain over all form of thought. A brainstorm can last between one to five minutes. During this time, a student has no solid frame of thought and existence of the real world does not serve purpose.

The brainstorm was discovered by famous German scientist Asus Schroder in 1985. Schroder was running a study to figure out why large amounts of high school and college students were running complete mind blanks during times that were very study intensive. The sample of students described the phenomenon as a rather scary experience. When working on any school related work certain students would come to halt and act in almost a hypnotic way. The outside world seemed to not matter to students in these moments. When asked to describe the experience, students explained the events as a “haze” and “almost storm like” image in their heads. Schroder ultimately determined that the phenomenon only occurred when students were under very tight deadlines to complete their work. This led to very high amounts of stress among students. The self induced pressure students brought upon them led to the brainstorms.

Researchers today are still looking for a solution to get rid of brainstorms in full. The only long term solution that still proves to work today is for students to get a head start on all school related work. By doing this one will not risk the chance of undergoing the phenomenon.