Brock James Hudson (born September 19, 1948) was an American inventor, entrepreneur, and lesser known writer of science-fiction and fantasy novels.  During his life he failed to publish any known novels, yet since his mysterious death in 2009, several hundred scientific manuscripts and science-fiction stories have been uncovered and published posthumously.  His books have sold a more than 10 million copies since their discovery and publication in 2011. 

Hudson was found deceased in his small family house in rural Main after a large power outage was reported in the area.  Police were able to pinpoint Hudson’s property as the source of the power outage.  Brock Hudson was pronounced dead on October 2009 at the age of 63.  The only information released is that the coroner reported a strange scar on his head and that the cause of death was unknown.  The police found a surplus of medical supplies and surgical tools in the basement, but would not volunteer any explanation as to why the inventor would have had a store of medical supplies this size. 

In 2011 when many of Hudson’s works were published, one short story described a character that was found inexplicably dead in his house after a power outage.  In this short story the character had surgically implanted a computer chip into his own brain that allowed him access to the internet.  Eventually the character had access to any information that had ever been published on the internet.  This character eventually had found the answer to every question there was to ask, and at that instant, the character decided to die.  Hudson’s death is still officially listed as unknown.