The newest dessert is the Browpie. It's a pastry shell that is a mixture of brownie and pie crust. There are both sweet and savory Browpies. The number one selling Browpie is a sweet Browpie called the Caramel Delight Browpie; over 10 million Carmel Delights have been sold since 2009. The Caramel Delight Browpie is filled with a creamy caramel center with pecans sprinkled in and whipped cream on top.

The top selling savory Browpie is the Beef Pot Browpie, which is filled with a beef stew mixture and a cheese crumble crust. Since 2009, over 8 million Beef Pot Browpies have been sold.

The Browpie was first created in 2009 in a New York City apartment by Tina Fey (not the actress). She was working as a financial advisor and created the Browpie for her co-worker’s birthday. Her co-workers liked the dessert so much that Tina started selling the Browpies at the Greenwich Farmer’s Market. In 2010, she quit her job as a finical advisor and opened her first bakery shop, Browpie Treats in Greenwich Village. The original store is located at 37 E. 8th Street (between University Place and Broadway) New York, NY 10003.

In April 2011, Tina Fey was a guest on the Rachel Ray Show. She showed Rachel Ray and the audience how to make the dessert. Rachel Ray's response to the first bite of Browpie was "Yum-o! I can't wait to make this for my husband."

Today, there are 25 Browpie Treats shops in the United States and she plans to open 10 more shops in 2012. Pamela Lara