Bruce WayneEdit

The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, The Batman.
Regardless of whichever one is spoken, these nicknames belong to one man and one man only‒Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne has not always been a crime fighting vigilante. An unfortunate event in Bruce’s childhood is believed to be the origin of his hatred for criminals. It was always well known that the Wayne Family was part of Gotham City’s most wealthy elite. Coming from a movie theater late at night, Bruce’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, were gunned down in an alley in an attempted mugging. After witnessing the death of his parents, Bruce was orphaned and left in the care of his family’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce swore to revenge the death of his parents, and use his newly inherited wealth to train himself to optimize his inner and outer strengths.

Becoming BatmanEdit

Bruce Wayne traveled around the world training and successfully becoming an “exceptional martial artist, [specializing in] combat strategy [and] advanced technology” (DC Comics). Standing at 6’3” and weighing 225 pounds, Bruce’s new found skills made him a force to be reckoned with. CEO of Wayne Enterprises during the day, crime fighter by night, Batman is thought to be the world’s greatest weapon against fighting crime (DC Comics). However, it is not easy to keep Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne a secret.
To assist in the protection of his identity, Batman wears a bat theme costume complete with a bat shaped mask to hide his identity. Around his waist, Batman wears a utility belt with various high tech weapons, including his infamous Batarang‒a razor throwing weapon that has a returning ability similar to a boomerang. In order to reach his destinations with speed and stealth, Batman uses various modes of transportation, such as the bat mobile, bat plane and bat boat. While Batman has an endless supply of technology to his fight against the scum of Gotham, he has various accomplices that assist him in battle.

Friends and FoesEdit

Batman has a few partners that help him clean up the streets of Gotham City. Gotham’s Police Commissioner, Jim Gordon, summons Batman with the bat signal when there is a criminal at large.
Batman’s reliable sidekick Robin is thought to be his main backup when the going gets tough along with his butler Alfred whom nurses his injuries. It is rumored that Batman has defeated an assortment of ruthless villains such as the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, Poison Ivy and Two-Face. With the help of Robin and Commissioner Gordon, Batman strives to make Gotham civilians trust he is a vigilante that will protect his beloved city at all costs.

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