The Poser Liberty Bell, San Jose CA

The significance of this location isn't necessarily whats above ground as compared to what's below. On July 4th 1963, there were a series of murders committed in San Jose known by the "Captain Crunch Killer". The relevance of this name was given to him by Detective Hugh Mungus, who notoriously connected the series of murders by the remnants of Captain Crunch cereal. This serial killer's notoriety is connected to The Poser Liberty Bell at San Jose State University for that was his burial ground of choice. In 1843, before the construction of the opaque brick that lines the platform for the Poser Liberty Bell was the corpses of 55 unsuspecting Captain Crunch eaters. The location of this arbitrary graveyard was never truly understood, and the rancid odor given off by said corpses was masked by laying brick over them. Subsequently, the ghosts of the 55 unfortunate souls can still be heard crunching their cereal late at night on San Jose State University campus. This is known as the Captain Crunch Curse, coincidentally enough, if one is to consume the breakfast cereal when the ghosts can be heard, they disappear, never to be seen or heard from again. It is unknown to this day whether he targeted people specifically based upon their choice of breakfast cereal, or if he himself brought the emaciated captain crunch to the crime scene. Regardless of which, the serial killers total body count was never truly known, as the cereal serial killer, was never found.