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The Burkie


The Origin

The Burkie was first discovered in 2004 after the show The Simple Life came out in syndication. Some believe that the popularity of smaller portable pets could originate from the actor Paris Hilton, one of the stars of the show and who is also known for her little dog Tinkerbelle. Hilton took Tinkerbelle everywhere due to her small size. Thus creating a demand for small dogs that could be taken into department stores, restaurants, and other venues that were not known for permitting animals.



The Burkie is a cross between a Sussex rabbit and a Yorkshire terrier. The adult can grow to six pounds; however, the average size is four pounds. Its coat is a thick dense soft fur that comes in a tan, brown, or black coloring. The Burkie has the body and face of a dog with the ears, tail, and paws of a rabbit. The long droopy ears are a clear indication of its rabbit ancestors. The snout is very reminiscent of a dog with canine teeth rather than the aradicular hypsodont teeth that are present on a rabbit. The canine teeth allow for the consumption of meat, as the Burkie is an omnivore. This animal enjoys a mixture of fish, beef, poultry, along with a wide range of fruits and vegetables.



The loving playful nature of the Yorkshire terrier and the Sussex rabbit has given the Burkie a mischievous and confident disposition. They are easily adaptable to other animals and children. Since they are so small, they tend to skittish towards loud noises and larger individuals. They may be house trained with proper instruction. They do well in the comfort of home rather than living outside exposed to the elements. They can be kennel trained. They truly make for an ideal pet.

Created for Comm100 Section 5 - SJSU - Crystal Pruitt