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            Burnout beach is an isolated beach located in South Los Angeles, California.  Burnouts is known by very few, and isolated from the bay of the Los Angeles coastline.  This beach heavily differs from more popular commercialized beaches in the county, such as Manhattan, Venice, and Santa Monica.  For instance, Burnouts contains no parking lots, buildings, or even sand to align the beach.  Instead, it lines its coast with rocks, is filled with many reefs, kelp fields, and surrounded by cliffs that erode slowly each day. 

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What makes Burnout Beach unique is the legend of the Minoru Itahara shipwreck.  The large cargo ship was making its transport to the San Pedro Harbor all the way from Japan.  An unknown cause equated to a wreck landing the Minoru Itahara ship along shore on Burnout beach.  Since the wreck in the early 1950s, radiation has filled the waters and created a diverse habitat that brought in unknown species and a creation of newly developing ecosystems.  Because of this, random creatures wander the area making it a very dangerous beach to enter.  Reports have shown nearly 50 plus bodies found in different coves from tourists who are unaware of such precautions.  Additionally, a couple miles off the coast of Burnout Beach is one of the deepest trenches in the Pacific Ocean.  This also adds to the diverse habitat, and possible reasoning of unknown species that occupy the beach. 


            People who do dare enter the beach after knowing about these cautions are due for one reason; the biggest and best formed waves in California.  Because of the Trench, on perfect conditions of North West swells and off shore winds, Burnout beach creates debatably the largest waves along the entire Pacific.  Those who dare face the heavy precautions of Burnouts such as the unknown species, strong tide changes, and sharp jagged reefs in different areas; get to enjoy Burnouts legendary surf only few know exist.  On a pleasant day, this beach may be one of the nicest beaches one can find.  Additionally, at this isolated beach you may never you what you will find.  Proceed at your own risk!