Calvin Xavier Washington, better known by stage name Cal X, is an American hip-hop artist and producer. Calvin was born on January 2nd, 1995 in Westside, CA, where he remained in school until dropping out his senior year from West-West High School. Shortly after dropping out, Cal pursued his now famed music career by traveling to Southside, Texas, where he met his current cohort and manager, Dum D. According to sources, Cal met Dum after sneaking backstage at the 2014 SXSW music festival in Houston, TX. Upon seeing his idol, Dum D, Cal approached him and began rapping all his hardest bars. Instead of calling security, as many would expect, Dum D invited Cal on stage during his set for the festival. This was the first anyone had heard from Cal X, since then he has released 7 studio albums under Dum D’s label, Crazy Rap Music Ltd ©, 6 of which went platinum, and one of which, arguably Cal’s best work to date, “West-West,” went double platinum.

Most recently, Cal X made news after he went missing on February 1st, 2016. He was last seen by his manager Dum D exiting famous Chicago club, Mid-West. That night, Dum claimed that he saw his artist exit the rear of the club with a woman whom he did not recognize. The following morning, Dum could not get a hold of his artist and he quickly turned to social media to get some help locating Cal. This was Dum D’s last tweet before he too, went missing on February 2nd: “Find Cal… gotta find Cal.”