Calabash Brothers

There are a lot of rumors about Calabash Brothers at China. As recorded in some books, they lived in the jungle of a mountain during ancient times.  The seven brothers are not normal human beings because they are born from a calabash (therefore they are given the name of “Calabash Brothers”) and an old farmer who grew the calabash raised them up.

There are reports that all of them have some abilities that normal people don’t have. The big brother has enormous physical strength and can enlarge his body. The second brother can see and hear things over a long distance. The third one has hard body, which can resist any attack from outside. The forth one is resistant to fire and can spray fire using his mouth. The fifth one can swallow and spit large quantity of water. The sixth one can be invisible and walk through walls. The seventh one has a small calabash, which can inhale anything he wants. The reason why they have these abilities is still unable to be explained by current science.

There are many stories about their fights with the bad animals in that area. They are said to use their ability to defeat the malicious animals, which wants to ruin the village. Some of most-widespread story are fight with scorpion, snake and crocodile. They all failed in the end facing the united and brave Calabash brothers.     

Di Mao