Candy Land

            Visualize a place where everything is colorful and sweet. A place where everything is edible and sugary.  That place is known as Candy Land.  This wonderful place was made in 1958 for people of all ages.  The creator of Candy Land, Mrs. Sweety, created this place because she always wished for a place where everything was edible and sweet therefore, created Candy Land.  The ultimate goal for Mrs. Sweety is to create an unforgettable experience for all and make visitors come again.  Be ready to be part of the sweetest part of heaven. 

Most people come to Candy Land to enjoy a unique experience with their families.  Approximately, five hundred thousand people from all over the world come to visit Candy Land.  At Candy Land one can enjoy a melted chocolate waterfall, a colorful skittle pool, cotton candy trees, gingerbread houses, ice cream hills, and minty grass. Altogether, Candy Land will definitely end up satisfying every guests sweet tooth. 

            On special seasons, Candy Land offers an even more unique setting to match the on-going season.  For example, during Christmas time, guests can enjoy candy cane trees, marshmallow snowfall, white chocolate rivers, and cherry grass.  This unique setting is a must-taste during the holidays. On special birthdays, the birthday guest is able to design their own Candy Land setting and invite friends and family to their own personal Candy Land.  Every guest must be ready to have the best time of their life.  Remember, you will be in the sweetest part of heaven.

Melanie Jimenez

Professor Leif


October 16, 2018