Dogs With A Voice

Recent studies conducted by the University of Berkley and Harvard, have proven that canines are able to share their thoughts through sounds similar to human speaking. Researchers decided to conduct the study after a dog was able to sing on national television in the famous show Britain’s Got Talent. Many scientists were shocked by such events that an answer to their question had to be answered: can dogs truly speak?

Research Process

The first step in the double-blinded research process was to recruit the adequate amount of canines to be tested. The canines, scientifically called “subjects”, where chosen at random by kids so that no bias could be present. A total of 128 dog where recruited. The second step was to select a controlled and a placebo group to test the results. The controlled group was given a pill that contained speech enhancers used for speech therapy in humans while the placebo group received a pill with no chemical components to it. The third step was to show the subjects different images and immediately show them how they are pronounced with the purpose of teaching their brains the relationship between the image and the sound. After one year of daily treatment only 95 subjects completed the study.


10 out of the 64 canines in the controlled group where able to make a sound comparable to human speaking. The remaining 85 subjects that finalized the test were able to make sounds only similar to those that canines make when they bark. However, while the amount of dogs able to speak at the end of the study was very small, it does prove that certain dogs can speak. With proper training and patience a dog is able to simulate human sounds.

Future Research

Many scientists around the globe are performing similar studies hoping to come up with a effective technique that could change the world we live in today.

Laura Yedra

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