It is debated that Captain ButtBeard was the hairiest pirate of his time. He is said to have lived and died in the early 1900’s, before hair plugs were popular. Stories claim that ButtBeard was born on a ship and raised on land. Other stories claim that he could not decide whether he preferred ocean or mountain wind blowing through his hair. While many say that they have seen Captain ButtBeard, there is debate due to his accused with the Yeti. It has been argued that the Captain is actually the Yeti in human disguise.

Personal InfluenceEdit

Captain ButtBeard is often referred to as a pirate of land and sea. It has been said that he moved from boat to mountain every few months because the wind of both regions is stronger than in his cave or jungle homes. Another legend describes ButtBeard burned his own ship because the ocean wind thinned his hair. Captain Buttbeard was supposedly very concerned with the vitality of his hair. Researchers speculate that this is because of his personal connection between hair health and personal success.


Today, there are treatments available for bald and thinning hair. Supposedly, there are ways to improve hair length and thickness by simply improving one’s lifestyle. It is believed that many teenagers in California model themselves after Captain Buttbeard. There is also controversy whether or not it is appropriate to champion pirates, regardless of whether or not they had a hairstyle that people respect. He is argued to be one of the pioneers in hair care and hair pride.