Carus Flos (latin for "endearing flower" and also known as "La Petit Fleur" [the small flower in French]) are cousins to the mythical creatures, pixies. These creatures are very secretive and shy. They tend to stay away from human sight. The typical appearance of a carus flos consists of a flower bud for their hair and delicate petals for their wings. They tend to be without clothes, but can be sometimes seen wearing sewn leaves. Fitting in the palm of your hand, these carus flos are very adept at hiding and being seen only when they wish to be seen.

According to French lore, these pixies are believed to appear to anyone who has "a heart that can see past the surface" and are deserving of the special Petit Fleur blessing (which often required some sort of physical representation of thanks after the blessing was bestowed). Carus Flos showed themselves usually to artists of some sort because they looked at the world differently than the majority. Claude Monet, an artist of the French impressionist period, was recorded as one of the few who the Carus Flos willingly appeared to often. It is said if one looked closely at some of Monet's paintings, a flower bud or flower petals never seen before can be identified.

Because of the rare records and appearances of the Carus Flos, many dispute on exactly the details of the Petit Fleur blessing they impart on lucky few. To this day, Carus Flos have been mostly sighted in random parts of France but records of meetings can be traced to Asia and North America.

Charissa Lo