Caserian City Of Animals and Humans

Caserine is a city in Burundi where people and animals communicate and understand one another easily. The animals in Caserian have their own estate where they offer a variety fo services for the people in this city. People who require services from the animals are required to hire them by the law that govern this city, the animals do no mind help the people as long as they pay for their services. There are some downsides to this arrangement of living in Caserine, for one the people cannot eat meat because eating meat means that an animal has to be sacrificed and the law does not allow for this to happen.

There are always some wrangles because some of the people at times kidnap the animals and slaughter them in secret and this angers the animals who at times also want to pay back this ill treatment. To try and deal with this issue the law has come up with some punitive strategies to those who break this law, for one if one is found to have murdered a member of any of the communities a meeting is called for every person and they are hanged while every person watches.  If one is found to have known of the murder and did not report it they are taken slaves to work for the other community.

It is not a wonder to see a family of the human adopting a member of the animal community as their own and the other way round. These adoptions make the two communities to strengthen their bonds and live in harmony; it is what allows the two communities to respect each other’s traditions and beliefs.