In 2001, American High School located a ghost in the auditorium. Band, orchestra, and choir practice are held in this hall. According to the students who practice in this hall, Casper is a friendly ghost. Casper is a white ghost that has a big head with two eyes. He enjoys joining in the practice by sitting in on them. The teachers from band, orchestra, and choir like to save the very back seat for Casper when he feels like sitting in. Many students are advised by the staff members to not be afraid of the ghost the lives in the auditorium. The reporter from the school newspaper classified Casper as a friendly ghost that has shown no harm. While reporting, The American Choir class mentioned that Casper likes to set up their notes for them. One student mentioned that, Casper likes to help her with her vocals by criticizing her. At the end of the newspaper, the reporter mentioned that Casper is what makes American High School different. Not all high school has a ghost in their auditorium, yet alone a friendly one.