The Cat-in-the-Hat  is a character from the beloved children’s book of the same name by Dr. Seuss. Little known to most people is that this character happens to be based on someone very dear to Theodore Geisel, his younger brother Thomas. Growing up in a strict Jewish household, Thomas always found ways to get into mischief whenever their mother Hannah was not home. During an interview with Time Magazine, Geisel recalled “ My little brother was the most mischievous kid I knew, he did not know how to sit still, or clean up a mess. He was a spunky kid...It was always easy for him to make friends because he was so outgoing and lively”. These characteristics were the inspiration for the character in his most famous and cherished childrens book. Geisel wanted to encapture a character that could be influential and memorable for children and he certainly has accomplished such.

In recent years, many children that visit the bookstore where the first copies were sold, claim to see the Cat-in-the-Hat. They claim they he is fun to play with, and that he is very warm and huggable. Some spirit theorists say that the character of  the Cat-in-the-Hat was so much based on a real person, that it has been embodied in spirit form and has been manifested physically. This phenomenon is nothing new as humans are constantly in contact with those that dwell in the realm of the intangible. Some people have claimed to see the cat climbing down the trees and whispering quotes from the book to children in the book store. Although this may seem erie to some folks, most children that cited the cat can confirm he is in fact lovable and kind.

Stephanie Velasquez