A Cat 2.0 is a hybrid between a cat and a dog. After numerous trials the DNA profile was perfected by Dr. Angela Lu of San Diego, California on April 16th, 2010. Known for her passion for animals, cruelty free breeding and hybrid techniques, Lu decided to take on this endeavor in response to numerous requests for people who wanted cats but couldn’t seem to find one with the right personality. Lu’s inspiration was her love for cats. She wanted to see more people appreciate them like she did.

Lu graduated from the world class veterinary program at Stanford University in Stanford, California. She then went on to complete numerous licenses and training in DNA splicing, Scientific Selection and DNA Merging ®. Other genetically modified successes of Lu’s include dogs who’s natural skin fragrance (undetectable by humans) is completely repulsive to fleas. 

The Cat 2.0 was design to have the physical appearance of a normal, household Tabby cat with a more dog-like personality. The cat captures the instinctive loyalty, love and friendliness of a dog with a more cat-like experience. Personalities do vary from cat to cat but most do still have a more calm and collected disposition compared to energetic dogs and puppies. One of the most popular traits of this breed that owners report is the ability to leash train the hybrid cats even more easily than you can most dogs. Other favorite characteristics mention that the cats are friendlier and usually show excitement when the owner is noticed. 

Ideal owners include married couples who can’t decide between cats and dogs and people who like cats but aren’t particular to the personality of cats. Families and families with smaller children would also be ideal candidates.

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