The Catdog is a species that is both cat and dog combined. Primarily, the Catdog body consists of the front half of a cat and the rear portion of a dog.

There are variations in the breed in which the rear of the Catdog is a cat and the front portion of the animal is a dog.

The Catdog can have a litter of up to four Kitpuppies and the gestation period is five months.

Catdogs are known to reach a height of two feet and weigh up to 50 pounds. The Catdog has an approximate lifespan of 20 years.

The Catdog diet consists mainly of vegetation similar to the diet of a rabbit.

The Catdog comes from the island Tacdog, located 50 miles off the coast of California.

Catdogs are popular pets within the cat and dog owner community. A unique characteristic with the Catdog, is the Catdog can be trained to use the litter box unlike the dog breed itself.

Catdogs are non-aggressive animals making them very safe around children. There are no known reports of Catdogs attacking people or other animals.

Catdogs are very healthy animals and virtually never become ill. In fact, researchers have recently discovered the Catdogs saliva to contain a compound known as Strapcoreconcourous. Strapcoreconcourous can fight the flesh eating bacteria known as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Researchers are very optimistic with the discovery of this compound because of the life saving ability to fight serious infection.

Greg Ange