Utopia Island: World most Fantastic Island

Utopia Islands is rumored to be located in the Atlantic ocean, and it is said to be one of the smallest Island in the Atlantic. Over 300 years ago the Island was first discovered by a group of French explorers. Though part of Spain, still today the Island is a French possession. It was the reason for the warefare between France and Spain in the1600s – a war that lasted six months. As a result of bieng part of Spain and being a French possession, many of Utopia’s citizens identify themselves as Spanish, French, or Franco-Spaniard.

Because of being part of Spain, an agreement was made during that period of war that the Island should never have a president, but instead can have a Governor that is elected by those born in the Island or have lived there for over 20 years, which make them citizen of the Island. Its economy system is like that of the France–capitalistic, and system of government is democratic.

Utopia Islands is known for its beautiful blue and green water and exotic beaches with all kinds of sea creatures such as Leafy Sea Dragon, Harlequin Shrimp, Serpent Pteraeolidia, Dumbo Octopus, Mantis Shrimp, and Nudibranch. One of the things that attracts tourists there is a place native called Merveilleuse Mer or English for Wonderful Sea; the water there is blue and in the middle of that there is a very small island that has green water.

Alex Hollister, American news reporter and author of World Wonder, who wrote a book about Utopia Island called Utopia, the place to be, while visiting the Island for his book, interviewing visitors and natives, and conducting more research on the Island, found that the Island has always been known by many as a place with the happiest and healthy people in the world – this has always been reported by some major European’s Newspaper.

There has never been crime of any sort in Utopia Island, and despite its crimeless state the nations do have a small police department, and rely primarily on French military and secondary on Spanish Military if there were to be any issue.

Employment rate at Utopia has always been at its highest, stable, and every adult there has a good paying job. Kids are expected to be working at the age of 15, so they can learn to be financially responsible.

Life expectancy in Utopia Islands is reported to be 115 years; this is because it is a place where people lifestyle is very different than the rest of the world. The oldest man to ever live there lived till the age of 120 years old. And because of their healthy lifestyle there are less than 20 hospitals in the country. A healthy diet and exercise are the two things most valued by the public and they have been since the Island was first discovered. The only animals that could be found there are domestic animals– it is vegetarian Island, meat is not part of the nation diet. People diet is based on nature made goods and that is how it has always been. The only creature they eat is fish, particularly salmon, which can be found in abundance in their ocean. Fish at the restaurant are only served fresh, it is not allowed to sell or serve frozen fish. Since goods all grown naturally, if imported, they have to meet and satisfy the requirement of naturally grown products. Wine and Champagne are the most consumed alcohol in the Island. Wine is something that is not forbidden even to children and pregnant women so long as they drink it at a moderate level. The Average yearly consumption of wine is about 35 tones.

Certainly, goods that can have an impact on citizen health are not allowed to be sold. If you go there and want a milk shake, you will not find it. And the people there love that for it allows them to not only stay healthy, but happy.

To help protect the environment and continue to maintain healthy lifestyle, people chose to either use bicycle as a way of transportation or walk. Those who have car have to have environmental friendly car. Utopia Islands is the only nation is the world that is 100% environmentally responsible. They take fully advantage natural energy and they have requirement for any exported good be biodegradable.

Utopia Island was recently reported in the news to be the most visited place in the world as well as a getaway place for many celebrity and wealthy American. Researchers predicted that by 2030 many wealthy people in developed nations such as Germany, Russia, England, and the US might be moving there, for the place is rich in natural resource such as oil, coal, diamond, and gold. The founder and CEO of a U.S big company owns the western side of the Island, Mercyvillle. It was reported that ¼ of the land in Mercyville is full of gold and one part of it is a place where some of the most rare diamond are found such as yellow, blue, and grey diamond.

Recently in one of French Newspaper it was written that Utopia Islands government officials and those who own most of the land are trying to buy more lands from nearest cities in Spain, for the population size in Utopia Islands is slowly increasing as more people are moving there.

By Sylvie 

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