Elsa Lively (born December 14, 1999) of Arandelle is a young American woman who was an upcoming actress who became a Queen in her country of Arandelle in the year of 2017 after the passing of her parents Queen Idun and King Adgar. Before becoming Queen of Arandelle she was an actor and singer on the road to fame;  she was a starring actress in many short films but she became really known in her role of Serena in Frozen which was released on February 27, 2013 directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. She was later noticed by big directors such as Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie where she received many job offers to perform in big films such as The Quiet Women.  She starred in numerous films such as The Age of Adaline(2014), The Women In the Window(2015), Emma(2015), A Simple Favor(2016).  The short film she originally starred on Frozen did so well it became a sequel and she starred in Frozen 2 where she continued her role as a princess was released on November 22, 2015 about two years later after the original film.

Elsa Lively was born on December 14, 1999 in Tarzana located in Los Angeles California. Her mother, Julie worked as an author and Queen, and her father, Ryan Lively was King of Arandelle. She was named after her great grandmother. 

She is the oldest of six. She has a younger brother Marco Lively, Anthony Lively, Julianna Lively, two half sisters and brother, Geno Lively and Atalie Lively. Her half siblings are from her father's previous marriage.

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