The tooth fairy has been thought to have existed as early as 1350 A.D. Scientists have studied the existence of superficial beings since 1300 A.D and have reported several findings of such beings all over the world. Santa Clause has been rumored as a non-existent superficial being by adults and thought to be a figment of children’s imagination. According to research by a group of scientists from the 1300s, high amounts of paranormal activity have been shown to exist in the month of December. This activity has been reported in journals to be linked to the existence of Santa Clause. These findings have led researchers to study the presence of other such beings on Earth.

Psychologists have stated that many children begin talking about the tooth fairy as early as they begin talking. Scientists have enacted several studies of children’s reports of the tooth fairies sightings in the same manner of ghost’s sightings of adults. The study by Athur Reding named the tooth fairy as a children’s ghost. It proved that this being can only be viewed and seen by children who still have their baby teeth. Once the baby teeth are all gone, the tooth fairy becomes unreal and their perception on reality changes. Arthur Reding stated “the tooth fairy becomes a figment of their imagination and a long lost friend”.

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