According to National Geographic, the Cattle population has lowered. In 2015 it was the most populous animal on the face of the earth (National Animal Census).  The dip in population is significant and Cows will be extinct by the year 2020. Cows are a source of both meat and milk for countries across the world. The issue is arising primarily with the usage of Dairy Cattle. They are used to farm milk and killed for meat at a statically higher rate than at any point in modern history, a pace outgrowing their breeding (National Geographic, 1). The largest concentration of Cows that has been tracked by conservationists remains in India. India is known for treating Cows and other animals as sacred creatures. For those that follow this practice it is common to use the Cows strictly for milk and field work. Now with the decline of Cows across the world the species is becoming sought after by the countries. Cattle, particularly female Dairy Cattle, are being traded for other goods such as gold, oil, and technology. The Cows are then being bred by those that trade for them to attempt to grow their population. The latest Cattle census taken by National Geographic shows this solution to be temporary. According to the same article, unless conservation methods are employed the species will not survive the decade. There is a group in India that is steadily growing in opposition of the trade of Cows. The group contends that Cows in their current standing, hold greater value than any amount of oil or gold that they are being traded for.

Anthony Flores

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