The Cavern Spirit is the ghost of a world renowned cave explorer. The spirit is of a man who was the first to explore a newly found cave hidden deep in the forests of Cambodia during the year 1869. The man stumbled upon this cave deep in his trek through an unexplored part of the forest. He decided to venture in to see what he had just stumbled across. Once inside the opening of the cave, this explorer made his way into the the darkness. the cave was filled with loose rubble and crevices unseen to the naked eye. The man stumbled around in near pitch darkness attempting to make his way deeper into the cave, only with the light of a candle the size of his ring finger. As he made his way deeper, the candle started to get smaller, threatening to go out any second. The man went on despite not knowing where he was going. Suddenly the man stumbled as his foot slid into a very narrow crack and the candle flew out of his hand. The man had snapped his ankle and gotten it wedged in the crack pretty good. He knew it was the end for him. After four gruesome days, he had perished. In the year 1975, a group of spelunkers encountered his remains during their exploration into the cave. One person went to go check his pack, as this person was lifting his pack up to show their party, he heard a voice that whispered "watch your step" and this person looked down and his foot was about to slip into the same crack that led the spirit to his demise. Looking puzzled as to who warned him, the person quickly made his way back to his party. The party seemed to have decided to make their way back to the entrance but had no clue as to how to get back. Suddenly a voice told them to "head south". Puzzled once again, these spelunkers heeded the mysterious advice and eventually made it out. The cavern spirit knew every inch of this cave and remains there to help guide new explorers to help them avoid the same fate he had suffered many many years before.

-Gordon Yang