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Cell phone here, smartphone there, phones just everywhere.  We live in an era where technology is right at our fingertips.  It is now the year 3013, and cell phone usage has increased more than ever.  In fact, due to the increase in cell phone usage, serious consequences are believed to have resulted to a select few individuals.  It has led to Cellularosis (sel-yoo-ler-o-sus).  Cellularosis is a rare, abnormal condition in which individuals’ bodily functions resemble functions of a typical cell phone.  This birth defect, discovered in 3005, is brought on by women who use their cell phones excessively throughout their pregnancies.  One might ask, “What is considered excessive cell phone use?”  Actually, nobody quite knows yet; scientists are still researching. One with Cellularosis may suffer from random noises coming from the mouth that resemble the sound of a ringing telephone; this can happen at any time of the day, and all he or she can do is wait patiently for the noise to subside.  In some cases, those with this condition may get their lines crossed with nearby people on their cell phones and can hear their conversations.  Also, those with Cellularosis experience muscle spasms that resemble the finger movements of typing a text message, except without the cell phone.  They are warned to avoid being near any items that emit radiation, such as microwaves, smoke detectors, X-rays, radios, and sometimes even lighting. Because of this odd condition, pregnant women and also those around them are strongly advised to minimize their cell phone usage in order to reduce the risk of their children being born with this defect.  So far, 36 individuals throughout the entire United States have been diagnosed with Cellularosis.  Scientists continue to look for answers and a cure to this uncommon condition.

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