Everyone is welcome, but not everyone is worthy of acceptance into the City of Light. The path to reach the 20ft gates is not an easy one. There’s 3 challenges one must conclude before knowing he/she is worthy of entrance. One must cross through the desert that leads to a lake. The desert presents the challenge of perseverance due through the outstanding heat of 120 degrees for 15 miles. Once that challenge is completed, he/she must swim across the lake, which will take you to the shore of the City of Light. The lake takes many victims as they give up and drown to their death. One can’t see the shore; rather he/she is teleported to the land once they have swum far enough. The last challenge one must complete is drink from the fountain of purity, which is located in front of the gate. The challenge has the biggest catch because if one drinks and is found not worthy by the liquid, the end result will be poisoned to death. Before knowing whether he/she is living their last minutes, he/she must walk to the gate and if denied there’s no hope of survival. One knows as he/she is stopped by a transparent force field that holds them back. The City of Light contains extraordinary beauty. This beauty is presented in the form of gold artifacts surrounded and covered by countless trees. The beams of sunrays shine through trees that illuminate the city—that is how the name came about. The keeper of the gate, Chavez, does not allow chaos and vanishes anyone from the City of Light if brutal and inhumane acts are acted. Once vanished one is not allowed re-entry into the city forever. This is how the word began to spread.