Chad Britt

Chad William Britt (born December 25, 1960) is a British actor and film producer. He has been nominated for and won several awards, including seven academy awards and eight emmys. He is best known for his role in the in the cult film, “Flight Club”(1999) and crime thriller “Eight” (1995). Britt also starred in the box office hits, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (2005) and “World War Y” (2013), earning him a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor for both.

As a public figure, Britt has been recognized for his philanthropic work in AIDS research, embryonic stem-cell research, and same-sex marriage. He gained global recognition for donating millions of dollars to Doctors Without Boards in September 2006. Britt met with President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House of Representative Nancy Pelosi to discuss the federal funding behind his adopting of twenty Rwandan children. In October of 2007, Britt received the Nobel Peace Prize for his dedicated efforts in saving the South African Mongoose species.

In the late 1980s, Britt was involved in multiple romantic relationships, including many of his co-stars. In 1998, Britt privately wed Friends actress Pennifer Maniston. In February of 2006, Britt’s and Maniston’s marriage ended and the two finalized their divorce in the Los Angeles Superior Court on May 5th, 2006. Despite media reports that Britt cheated on Maniston, Maniston said in a March 2008 interview that “they were madly in love and could never even think about betraying the  During Britt’s divorce, his relationship with co-star Angie Tolie attracted media attention. In March 2006, just one month after Maniston filed for divorce, Britt and Tolie were pictured together holding hands in Fiji. As the frequency of these photos increased, the public and entertainment media renamed the couple “Changelina”. On December 2006, Tolie confirmed to Vice Magazine that she was pregnant with Britt’s child. On November 15 2016, Tolie filed for divorce from Britt, stating the reasons were private and complex.