The Chamaliyon is one that is feared by many cultures. With the body of a gryphon and the head of a lion, this monster has terrorized many rural communities around the globe. Its wingspan extends almost half an acre, with its head being the size of a wrecking ball and a tail that is half its body length. Perhaps the most frightening feature of the Chamaliyon, aside from its ominous roar, is the end of the tail. It is said to have a ball of spikes that slashes through crops and levels houses.

Sightings and EncountersEdit

The enormity of the Chamaliyon causes it to travel languidly through these farm towns, causing massive destruction to wherever it passes through. There have been sightings of this creature have been in South America and Northern Africa. No one is exactly sure if there is only one Chamaliyon or a few, seeing as it has been spotted across oceans.  Edit

The communities that have encountered this beast have to deal with years of famine due to the Chamaliyon’s ability to wipe out all livestock and crops within a matter of days. Those who have dared to confront the monster have quickly met their death, save one. A man successfully captured a Chamaliyon, and each account of this capture tells a different story. One account says that he was able to fashion a trap that dropped the beast into a giant pit and the man slid a steel plate over the cavity. However, it was able to escape within a matter of days and it killed most of the population of that small community. All records of this beast have said that it is impervious against all human weapons.Edit