Champangepapi, commonly mistaken for the 21st-century rapper Drake, is the world-famous first serial impersonator. A serial impersonator is a person who attempts to become the person that he or she wishes to be. Copying everything down to their looks, personality, and habits. However, a serial impersonator will never perfect everything and the one thing that Champangepapi does not have that Drake does is his famous neatly trimmed beard. This impersonator is a beardless Drake.

Champagnepapi grew up in California listening and obsessing over Drake. He was originally of caucasian descent, but with surgery he was able to transform himself into Drake. He had to go through major surgery to change his voice box to be able to rap like Drake. He also managed to spy on Drake for three whole years and mastered all the little things that he did.

Champagnepapi was caught in 2018. He was tracked down via the Internet after he hacked into Drake's Instagram account. He was pretending to be Drake and was sending messages to his fans. The FBI was able to trace the IPs of the message and with compliance from Instagram they were finally able to take down this Serial impersonator. Although he was put in behind bars, Champagnepapi was able to start a movement of serial impersonators and now other celebrities are having the same issues as Drake.