Changu the Oracle


Entrance to Changu's lair.


Changu the Oracle is a small, catlike creature that resides near the ruins of King Kamehameha’s summer palace on the island of Oahu. The Oracle will grant the answer to one question for each person who brings her an appropriate gift. Some known acceptable gifts are sparkly bits of paper, cardboard boxes, and bowls of tuna water. Changu is guarded by the Gatekeeper Bosco who turns away those who do not bring adequate offerings. It is believed the oracle knows the truth to all things, so travelers from all over the world make the trek to seek answers from her. Many have attempted to see Changu but few actually make it past the gatekeeper. Those, who are allowed to pass, travel through the ruins and down a tunnel that leads to a small room. Upon entering the room, Changu asks seekers to state their question. Unfortunately, after this point, information is scarce. No one who has gone in to see Changu can remember anything except the initial greeting and having the answer to their question. Tourists visiting the ruins often report seeing these dazed visitors roaming the grounds.

HIstory No one knows exactly how long Changu has resided in the ruins of the summer palace. The earliest recorded sighting of the Oracle was in the summer of 1978. Two Japanese tourists were hiking to see the ruins of the summer palace when they accidentally entered Changu’s lair. They were later found by their tour company wandering aimlessly through the ruins. When asked what happened they could only remember a small furry “cat” who asked them for a question. When further pressed they could only recall that they knew the answer to their query.  Three months after returning home, the answer to the tourist’s question was proven to be prophetic. A local news channel aired the story and the legend of Changu began to grow. Many news agencies have tried to interview or photograph Changu since the initial incident. Only one was successful. In 2013 a local college student was able to photograph the Oracle by using her question to ask for permission.  Changu was so impressed by her cleverness that she granted the girls wish. This photograph remains the only definitive proof that Changu exists.  M.Lewis