The chaos emeralds are seven different colorful emeralds that are in the shape of a diamond. The seven different emeralds are blue, red, green, yellow, purple, white, and orange. These different emeralds are spread across the world hidden without any trace. Each of these emeralds contain special powers in which whoever comes into possession of one will gain control of its powers. The blue emerald consists of having the power to control water around you by making it move and use it to your advantage. The red emerald gives someone the power of fire and being able to start, contain fires, but also can be very destructive. The green emerald will offer its owner the power of earth, as they will control ground movement and shape pathways, due to their ability in moving land. The yellow emerald gives those the power of light, as they can shine light towards their path and create light that is extremely bright to blind someone. The yellow emerald is also the brightest of the seven. The purple emerald gives those the power to control darkness and be able to make anything dark and the ability to see in the dark. The white chaos give off the power of wind, as those in possession of this emerald can control wind direction, and use it to their advantage by blowing huge gusts of wind. The orange emerald gives those the ability to control electricity.

Those who have the ability to possess all seven emeralds will become the most powerful person in the universe. These emeralds can also make a person cause total destruction and chaos with these powers, which is what makes this emeralds known today as chaos emeralds.